Garnet Recycling Machine


  • Bulk Recycler is a fully assembled unit with central lifting point for easy transportation and setting up on site.
  • Bulk Recycler is designed to clean used garnet.
  • All trash such as cigarette butts, broken glass,paint flakes,welding rods, stones etc. are removed from the garnet.
  • Inbuilt reverse pulse jet type dust collecting system.
  • Bulk Recycler is a low maintenance and easy to operate system with adjustable controls for material flow andair-wash cleaning.
  • Typical throughput capacity is up to 6 metric tonnes per hour.
  • Bulk Recycler gives an ability to use your Garnet Abrasive over and over again for maximum cost savings.
  • Recycling allows for greatly reduced abrasive purchases and reduced transport, handling and disposal costs.