Manual Blast Room

We manufacture custom built blast booth which consists of Dust collector, Under floor recovery system, Abrasive recycling machine. A detailed description of all these items are mentioned below for better understanding.

A. Dust collection systems
B. Abrasive recycling machine
C. Under floor recovery system


Working principle

Also known as the reverse blower dust collector, the reverse air cleaning dust collector collects regularly dust into a form of hard ‘dust cake’ on the dirty side of the filter bag. This type of a dust collector uses high-pressure ‘cleaning’ air, blown in the ‘reverse’ or opposite direction of the dust laden stream, to clean the dust cake. In these dust collectors, cleaning could be done continuously without interrupting the process and the numerous compartments that featured in the offline dust collectors were done away with.

In a reverse pulse jet dust collector, polluted air enters the cartridges from the outside and passes through the inside of the cartridge. Dust particles collect on the walls of the cartridge. These collected dust particles is blown off with a high pressure reverse air jet which is operated only for a part of second and therefore it is called reverse pulse jet. The pulse is created with a timer circuit and an electromagnetic solenoid diaphragm valve. The reverse air stream can be used to clean one cartridge or one row of cartridges at a time.